the speech kalti’s father gave to him when he found out about his love for luna.

my son — she is of richness; of health and of endless power. she could strike this village down with a snap of her fingers. she could order me to cut off my ear and i would oblige. rumour has it that she employed a single maiden to stroke her hair one hundred times before she sleeps — my son, that woman is poison in your cup. she is a spider in your boot, and she is a wolf, waiting for the moment she finally gets to tear open your fleshy throat.

you must not talk to her, see her, associate with her. she will use her riches against you and our whole family. she will cast us into a slum worse than this one. but — if your siblings are right — it’s too late for you, kalti. you are in her web. you have come to me for guidance — bu i cannot guide you.

be safe on your journey.

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